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The vehicle that I use from day to day for removals and various other jobs is an Ford Transit Long Wheelbase Luton Van with Tail-Lift van. The length of my van inside from the bulkhead where the seats are to my back doors is 4m, which is perfect for flat removals, house removals, courier jobs, etc. My van can carry a weight of up to 1.5 tons and it also has a high roof so we won’t be hitting our heads when getting in and out. Most of the time my van is sufficient enough to do the job in question. As long as it is local, I don’t really mind how many trips it takes for my removals to get done. When we have agreed a price, my word is my bond. In the unlikely event that I need a bigger vehicle, I can hire one for you.


Low cost removal services in the Newbury Area?

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