Thinking of hiring a van?
With Transit Man you don't only get a good van, you get an extra pair of hands and a quick and professional service.
The price quoted is all you pay. No worries about paying for any damage to the vehicle or being blamed for damage you did not do.
Specialist equipment to ensure things are transported safely and securely.
No time and money wasted returning the van.


No insurance or parking problems.
No taxi fare home when the rental van is returned.
No diesel to pay for.
You can travel with me if you require.
I also have a waste licence for substantial tip runs ONLY.
For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation and free estimate , please get in touch either via email at paulie1970@hotmail.co.uk or by utilising the form on my quote page.You may also call on 07818 622 399, 01189 568 345 or 07756 853 829.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Low cost removal services in the Newbury Area?

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